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Meet Marisol

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Wondering how Brendan’s announcement video looks so pro on a tight budget? Thank Marisol.

Asking yourself how all communication from YOUR Berwyn is bilingual, and so very fast? That’s Marisol.

Got a quick, thoughtful email back on your volunteer offer and you're wondering who is so on top of everything? MMMMMMMMMMMMarisol!

Marisol is a powerhouse. She is our “boots on the ground,” and we are soooooooooo happy to have her. 

In her words, “The reason I’m so deeply invested in this campaign is because it truly was built by community members, not just Brendan. I’ve seen how this campaign honestly seeks input and then puts it into real action. That’s the kind of leadership I want in Berwyn.”

You can reach YOUR Berwyn at 331.240.1275 and via email at

You’ll probably hear back from….you guessed it, Marisol--because you’re lucky that way.

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