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Dear Big Guys Family

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

I’m excited to tell you that I am running for Mayor of Berwyn as an Independent Democrat.

This is a big decision that my talented staff has made easier for me. I’m still going to be around, posting all the great specials Chef Jorge and I come up with while our long-term employee, Dulce replaces me as General Manager. I am extremely confident that she will be phenomenal in her new role. With Big Guys in good hands, I’m excited to take on this new challenge!

It’s been 8 years and you guys have been with us through a lot. You’ve watched us take stands and speak out when we felt it was needed. I’m now taking that passion to a new level where I feel I can make real, positive change. Big Guys has introduced me to so many wonderful people and beautiful families over the years. Now, I really want to help the same families and neighbors in their everyday lives in Berwyn. I hope you believe that I’m honest and trust that I will listen to you and be your voice.

I get that I am the underdog facing an incumbent with a large war chest. That is why I am asking you to help me fight to bring **real** progressive values to Berwyn’s city government. Believe me, I am ready for this fight! You can show your support by sharing this video that announces my campaign to make progressive government a reality in Berwyn.

Don’t worry, I won’t muck up Big Guys' page with a bunch of campaign ads. If you want to follow my mayoral run, you can follow my campaign at on Facebook & Instagram. You can learn more about my platform here on our YOUR Berwyn site. Campaign donations can be made here,

Let’s create YOUR Berwyn together!

Brendan O’Connor

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