Change isn't always easy, and it's not always pretty. But this is a beautiful city. This is our Berwyn.


YOUR Berwyn is a grassroots political organization comprised of a diverse group of residents with a passion for positive change in Berwyn, and in support of Brendan O'Connor for Mayor. 
YOUR Berwyn believes the community should be reflected in leadership, and at the center of all decisions made in Berwyn. For too long, the opinions and best interests of Berwyn residents has been an afterthought in the minds of Berwyn leadership. 
The YOUR Berwyn platform was formed by this diverse group, with a commitment from Brendan O'Connor to uphold these principles when elected. Every resident deserves to be supported, celebrated, respected, and represented. Thus we are striving for a more equitable, transparent, and community-driven government for our city, your city. YOUR Berwyn.

Thank you to Joel Gonzalez @weourstory for many of the beautiful photos used on this site.

Brendan O'Connor for Mayor


Berwyn is a beautiful city, but we have some work to do. Access to city services often seems too closely tied to who you know, or don't know, and issues of rats, gun violence, nepotism in hiring practices, and lack of representation of BIPOC in leadership seem to go unaddressed. Learn about how the YOUR Berwyn coalition, and Brendan O'Connor intend to create positive change around these important issues. 

Brendan for Mayor

Brendan O'Connor is best known for being the owner of Big Guys Sausage Stand, a staple of Berwyn business on Roosevelt Rd. But Brendan has also been a strong voice in the Berwyn community for many years. Brendan has humbly, but boldly, supported important issues - mostly championed by strong Latinas in our community - like the Minimum Wage increase, Welcoming City Ordinance, and recently the Black Lives Matter mural. Read more about what makes Brendan the right choice for Berwyn's future.   


Join Us

YOUR Berwyn is a community-centered, grassroots effort. Our opponents are connected to Illinois machine politics, and all the resources and dollars that come with those connections. We need YOU. We need your input, your talents, and your time to make sure YOU'RE REPRESENTED at City Hall. 

If you're interested in getting involved in any way please reach out.

This is YOUR Berwyn. 


We appreciate your donation

Brendan O'Connor has committed to reject or return donations from businesses subject to city licensing--including Liquor and Video Gambling, and reject or return donations from non-Berwyn-resident members of collective bargaining units serving Berwyn, in order to be an objective representative of Berwyn residents.

This is truly a community effort. We'll need your support to make sure our message reaches the eyes and ears of Berwyn residents. Any amount helps and is greatly appreciated. 

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